To put on a well-run race we need an army of volunteers.  Volunteering is a great way for a beginner to get a feel for the sport, for a veteran runner to give back to the running community, or for a friend or family member to support a runner.  We need volunteers for aid stations, packet pickup, setup, timing, and a variety of other tasks. 

To show our appreciation for our volunteers we offer a few perks. Volunteers get t-shirts and are always welcome to aid station and post-race food. In some cases we can offer lodging to volunteers who travel from out of town. Starting in 2013 we are offering a 20% discount on race fees for volunteers. You may use the discount at any Switchback Endurance race, you may use it for the same race if you, for example, run in the morning and volunteer in the afternoon, or you may give your discount to a friend or family member.

If you are willing to help with any of our races, please email me, Phil, at phil@switchbackendurance.com or give me a call at 616-706-6308. Let me know when you can help and what kind of work you like to do.

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